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All-In-One HR & Payroll System.

What is Rippling?
Rippling is the first way for businesses to manage all of their HR, IT, and Finance — payroll, benefits, expenses, corporate cards, computers, apps, and more — in one unified workforce platform. By connecting every workforce system to a single source of truth for employee data, businesses can automate all of the manual work they normally need to do to make employee changes. Take onboarding, for example. With Rippling, you can just click a button and set up a new employees' payroll, health insurance, corporate card, work computer, and third-party apps — like Slack, Zoom, and Office 365 — all within 90 seconds.

  • Run payroll in 90 seconds
    Rippling syncs all your business’s HR data with payroll, so you never have to use a calculator or manually enter data, like hours and deductions.
  • Automate your compliance work
    From I-9s to W-2s, Rippling helps you handle your tax and compliance work, keeping your business compliant with the right forms, laws and regulations.
  • Effortlessly report on anything you want
    Use our library of pre-built reports or build your own using any employee data in Rippling. You can visualize and share reports, too, enabling every department to make informed decisions, faster.

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