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Seamless transactions around the world

What is Windcave?
Windcave® facilitates seamless ecommerce, retail and unattended transactions for customers around the world. Established in 1999, Windcave® has grown to span ecommerce, retail, unattended, fraud protection and merchant services for over 20 payment methods across New Zealand, Australia, Asia, North America, United Kingdom and Europe. Over $90 billion USD in transactions are processed from 25,000+ merchants around the world every year.

  • Bringing more than just payment processing
    In an increasingly connected world, Windcave offers a secure, reliable, all-in-one payment solution that can scale with your business wherever you or your clients are. For merchants big and small, online payments play a valuable part in sales generation.
  • Unattend payments
    From vending machines to carparks and everywhere in between, Windcave provides a wide range of unattended payment solutions to fit your business model. Mix and match our unattended payment solutions to build an integration that is right for you. Individual card readers, keypads, contactless card readers and vending machine specific devices are available depending on your business needs.
  • Terminal Security & Encryption
    Windcave take security seriously, our range of unattended terminal solutions have a tamper-resistant, tamper responsive design and digital end-to-end encryption technologies to protect sensitive cardholder data throughout the entire transaction. Even in the busiest unattended environments, our terminals increase the security and flexibility of your payment system.

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